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Greetings and welcome to my first podcast. I must take a moment to thank a few people that offered there time , support and expertise – Elsie , Angela & my husband Asaf.

If you are new to yoga or have been practicing a great resource to see postures (asanas) is B.K.S. Iyengar Light on Yoga. Worth having on your book shelf and a great way to see potential in a posture.

Here is the sequence for this class,it is a level one class running about an hour. I will be practicing with my students at a studio in LA and you (meaning its a live class recorded). There are some terms that may be new but go with it and let me know your thoughts FEEDBACK!!! please as this will take a lot of practice in every way to offer you the best service I would like to allowing me to get better every time I do create a podcast.

Please look over the sequence to see what you will be doing and become familiar with sanskrit and if you do have Light on Yoga and dont know a pose look it up.


sukasana – cross legged seat

downward facing dog

uttanasana – standing fwd bend

urdvah hastasana – standing with arms stretched above head

with fingers interlaced palms to sky – stretch to the side crescent

hands clasped behind back – shoulder opener (make sure there is a bend in elbows )

uttanasana – standing fwd bend

straight leg lunge

down dog

plank pose – note if pain in wrists pls keep shoulders behind wrists &/or knees on the floor

cobra pose – elbows bent pointing behind you

down dog

uttanasana – standing fwd bend

tadasana – mountain pose with hands in prayer (anjali mudra)

uttanasana – standing fwd bend . plank pose. cobra pose. down dog. : surya namaskar (this sequence is called sun salutaions note when I say vinyasa or surya namaskar this is what I mean)

uttanasana – standing fwd bend


surya namaskar

crescent pose – back heel lifted

downdog lie on your belly

salambasana – arms clasped behind back lift torso up off floor feet stay grounded


skiiers pose (great for lower back pain)

anjaneasana – low lunge with knee on floor to

straight leg lunge and twist towards your bent leg in front

down dog



urdvah hastasana


uttita parsvakonasana – extended side angel pose

prasarita padottonasana – legs wide ankles under wrists folded fwd

vrksasana – tree pose with a twist

down dog

eka rajakapotasana – pigeon prep pose : if tender knees pls point the foot and make sure the knee is wider than the hip

then a thigh stretch in the same base of pose

danurasana 3X – bow pose hold top of feet in the middle

down dog

anjaneasana – low lunge

down dog

ardha mastsyendrasana I – seated twist

baddha konasana – bound angel pose

lie on back knees bent, curve in back: breath work

supta padangusthasana

knees to chest – keep a curve in back as knees fall a bit away from belly

savasana – final resting pose let body relax, close eyes, lift heart and open palms to sky… surrender