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I have decided to have mini-interviews with students of yoga as a conversation about the practice of yoga in their life. We all participate in a conversation with the divine but are we listening & benefiting from its grace? I begin this with some simple questions but there is a moment that takes us deeper like any good conversation.

In this episode I interview my student Gio who I have been working with a little over a year before and after him being hit by 2 cars. He was a hit & run by two cars over a year ago and is walking and doing yoga – Amazing!!! He is even handstands & backbends.

We have been working together using Yoga Therapy as a way to heal his body which he talks about. The style of yoga I teach is Anusara Yoga which is a therapeutic yet energetic yoga that has a strong focus on the heart. Yoga therapy uses postures with alignment that allows the body to come back into its optimal blueprint which we all have.

If you are interested in being interviewed pls contact me and if there are any questions about yoga therapy or would like me to ask a question that you would find beneficial pls let me know.