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One word for Kira is – Generous! I had the blessed opportunity to take X-mas weekend off in Ojai with my husband and puppy at the Lavendar Inn and had a blast hangin with Kira. (thanks to Lara from Yoga Peeps who suggested I interview her..) Ojai has made an impact on Kira’s life on and off the mat. It has taken her deeper into herself, the relationship to yoga and life in a small town.

We shared stories and practiced in her sweet studio which she allowed us to do for both days – sweet huh? I also stopped in their store Bhavantu at Lulu B’s ran by the cool Catherine Nation – a fashion yogini as well and ate at her husbands cafe Iron Pan – it’s worth just a drive to chow down fantastic eats.


  • Lulu Bhanda’s – great pages inside click on Channel Yoga to see some great videos of Yoga

Sanskrit words:

Guru – teacher or weighty one Savasana – corpse pose Ashtanga – means 8 or referred to 8 limbs of yoga along with it being a style of yoga Asana – pose or posture of your heart

Photo: Kira and I in partner navasana (boat pose) in her sweet studio…