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Happy New Year! With 06 behind us and now 007 in front of us we are standing facing the unknown. We take what we know (our habits, fears, loves, patterns) into the new year hoping to do things better or differently. Samskara’s are patterns/imprints that you are born with, impressions you created and show up like groves in a record playing again and again. It’s up to us to step into the yoga and make better choices through contrast while we apply our willingness to be better on our mats and off the mats. We explore how we move and take ourselves out of the comfort zone to the unknown creating the known in a new way.

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Anusara Termonology

Please watch this for an audio explaining the 5 Principles Of Alignment

  • Muscle Energy – An embrace of the skin to muscle, muscle to bone. We hug into the midline creating stability honoring ourselves and keeping the body safely engaged.
  • Inner Spiral – A spiral flow of energy that begins at the center arch of the foot and moves up the leg taking the thighs back and widening them. Third component is broadening which makes more space.
  • Organic Energy – From the core we extend and expand lengthening the bones without loosing the muscle engergy
  • Calf Loop – Energy flows from the back of the ankle up the calf muscle and goes fwd to front of down to the front of the ankle and back through

Sanskrit: Anajali – offering Svadhyaya – self study

Sequence Level 1-2:

Sukhasana – Easy Posture

Tadasana – Mountain

Urdvah Hastasana – Upward Stretching of Hands

Uttanasana – Standing Fwd Bend
Lunge with hands inside the foot back leg stays lifted if not able to lower knee to floor

Downdog to Vinyasa = Plank Pose – Chattarungadandasana – Cobra- Downdog



Vinyasa with Cobra /Upward Facing Dog

Crescent Pose Then to a Twist Variation of Parvritta Parsvakonasana – Revolved Extended Side Angle


Utthita Parsvakonasana – Extended Side Angle

Utthita Trikonasana – Triangle

Ardha Chandrasana – Half Moon

Parvritta Ardha Chandrasana – Twiste/Revolved Half Moon


Adho Mukha Vrksasana – Handstand

Uttanasana or Balasana – Child Pose

Standing Hip Opener – img_1922.JPG img_1921.JPG

Eka Pada Galavasana – Stage One img_1924.JPG img_1926.JPG Stage Two

Down Dog


2nd Side

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana – Pigeon Prep

Then to Thigh Stretch img_1927.JPG

Down Dog

Anjaneasana – Backbend Lunge

Down Dog

Ustrasana – Stage One img_1928.JPG img_1929.JPG Stage Two

Setubandha – Bridge Pose

Urdvah Danurasana -Upward Facing Bow

Supta Padangustasana with Leg Out to Side and Twist Across Body

Knees to Chest