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When we choose to soften and listen in our life, we begin to open up to a deeper place within ourselves that is powerful on its own without pushing it in any direction by paying close attention we flow into be-ing. Giving ourselves permission to connect to our inner voice and surroundings takes passive action – it’s softer, more sensitive. This may be scary for some of us to allow the world to come to us but actually it takes us into parts of ourselves that may not be readily attuned. We all have this ability but it takes practice to see and be who we are. We have the freedom to ignore everything but if we take he time to soften, light a candle, say a prayer creating a sacred place we will uncover this grand energy that is closer to you than your breath.

Before you do you do your practice, I invite you to check in to see if you have the tendency to just push through and not listen to your body and perhaps you can deepen your awareness by creating a space to let the world come to you and receive.

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Sanskrit: Shakti – Energy, creativity, Ujjayi (triumphantly uprising)

Sequence: Level 1/2

All 4’s

Downward Facing Dog

Uttanasana – Standing Fwd Bend


Urdvah Hastasana


Deep Lunge with Longer Stance with Chattarunga Arms 406502886_4c9ff4d3b4.jpg

Plank to Down dog to Plank to Downward Facing Dog to Plank to Chattarunga to Cobra

Downward FAcing dog to Uttananasana

Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutes

Uttanasana – Walk Hands to the Side for a Twist

Srya Namaskar with Upward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog

Virabahdrasana One – Warrior One

Vinyasa to Second Side Warrior One

Down Dog to Uttanasana to Wide Uttanasana with Shoulder Stretch

Urdvah Hastasana


Crescent Pose with Arms Flowing Up and Back to Anjali Mudra 3X

Jump and Switch Second Side


Downward Facing Dog to Vashistasana vashi.jpgvashi-stg1.jpg

Balasana – Childs Pose to Downward Facing Dog

Vira 2 – Warrior 2 to Uttitha Parsvakonasana back to Vira 2 back to Uttita Parsvakonasana back to Vira 2


Down Dog with Twist Holding Shin or Thigh of Opposite leg

Virasana with Ujjai Breath virasana-wblanket.jpgvirasana.jpg

Runners Lunge runners-lunge.jpg

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana – Pigeon Prep

Downward Facing Dog

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana with twist img_1793.JPG

Hanumanasana – front splits (I said 2x but we didnt do it you can if you’d like) hanamanasana.jpgimg_1966.JPG

Downward Facing Dog to Uttanasana

Sukasana Twist then Fold Forward then Switch Cross and then Do Both Sides Again with Fwd Fold

Happy Baby happy-baby.jpg

Knees to Chest