In the past couple of months I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Vancouver to visit and was blessed with seeing the most amazing blossoms (in the midst of rainfall) – cherry and magnolia (see in pic). Please take in the fullness (Purna) and perfection these blossoms radiate knowing that this too can come from within you especially after churning and opening your body with twists.

When spring comes around its a wonderful time to cleanse and create space for new opportunities as we transition into our fullest expression. With our busy lives we forget to look up to take in beauty around us or even look into ourselves to recognize it dwells there as well. When we are pulled in to many directions we tend to loose our footing if we are not grounded – this is like doing twists. From a steady base there is the opportunity to ground down, hug in then churn and move things around a bit to enjoy the unexpected on and off the mat.

What I love about twists is that they are subtle and powerful, neutralizing and cleansing as they do their work. In twists we are breathing more into one lung and when we come out our organs are flushed with new blood – the power of healing with yoga.

See if you can do this practice 2 -3 times this week and discover the opening your body will have along with the tapping into your core or power. Also, you can be creative and do this with another 30 min practice skip savasana and do backbend sequence or arm balances if you desire a one hour practice.

Sanskrit: Purna: Fullness, To fill, Perfection Sukha: ease Duhka: Suffering

choice.gif If you have not see this please watch my vidcast and share with a friend, thnx.

Sequence: All Levels

Adho Mukha Svasana – Down Dog to Uttanasana – Standing Fwd Bend

Down Dog with Twist Holding Opposite Shin or Thigh ddtwist.jpg

Plank to Belly then to Cobra Hands off Floor then Regular Cobra with Hands on Floor

Down Dog to Straight Leg Lunge place Knee on Floor and Twist to Down Dog

Vinyasa to Nagani Madasana – Intoxicated Cobra (keep elbows bent arms strong so your chest can be free to move)

Down Dog to Uttansana to Urdvah Hastasana

Cross One Ankle over the other and Fold Fwd to Uttanasana uttantwst.jpg

then Walk to the Side of the Foot In Front uttantwstsde.jpg

Down Dog

Crescent Pose the Twist Upper Body crestwst.jpg


Parsvakonasana to Down Dog

Vira I- Warrior I vira1.jpg to Parvritta Parsvakonasana (heel up or down) parvparsv.jpg

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana to Parvritta Eka Pada Rajakapotasanaimg_1793.JPG

Down Dog

Twisted Thigh Stretch Holding Opposite Foot to Bent Leg thightwsthand.jpgthighstrtwst.jpg

Down Dog

Triangomhkaipada Paschimottanasana ekapadgomuk.jpg Then do the Twist epgtst.jpg

Baddha Konasana


Kness to Chest

Meditation or Savasana