Funny enough I did not know Harry Potter was releasing #7 this weekend.. I guess the energy was embedded as there are so many things we have yet to see in ourselves and the world. While working to produce a NEW!! YOGA PODCAST called, Mudra Moments this week I found new features in wordpress which allowed me to add color to my posts..and what made me laugh is that it was pretty much always there but neither Elsie (congrats elsie for podcast 411 interview) or I saw it.

Notice in your life if you are not seeing that is right in front of you and send me an email to share hillaryrubin1@gmail.com.

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Sequence: Level 2/3 Yoga Class Supta Padagustasana

Ardha Happy Baby

Urdvah Hastasana


Lunge to Crescent Pose


Down Dog

Vira II – Warrior II

Parsva Konasana

Down Dog

Trikonasana – Triangle


Garudasana – Eagle Pose eagle.jpg eagle.jpg into Ardha Chandrasana – Half Moon halfmoon.jpg

Vashistasana – Side Plank

Down Dog

Vinyasa with Salambasana – Locust Pose

Anjaneasana Thigh Stretch – img_1956.JPG

Ardha Bhekasana – ardha-bhekasanathumbnail.jpg

Down Dog

Agnistambasana- Fire Log img_2005.JPGimg_2004.JPG

Make sure you arent sickling the foot!

2X Ustrasana – Camel Pose img_1929.JPG

Dhanurasna – Bow 1dhanurasanaprep.jpgdhanurasanathumbnail.jpg

Setubhandasana – Bridge

Eka Pada Setubhandasna – One Legged

One more Backbend of Choice Maybe Urdvah Dhanurasana –urdhva-dhanurasanathumbnail.jpg

Windshield Wiper Pose

Supta Padangustasana

Happy Baby – happy-baby.jpg

Knees to Chest