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TH001) Yoga Fundamentals (5-Week Module)
Embrace Your Body for Self Empowerment and Transformation with Anusara ™ Yoga
Faculty: Hillary Rubin
Evenings: Monday 7pm – 10pm
First class: November 5, Last class: December 3
Location Room 1
Course Fee: $175; No Prerequisite

To Sign Up call 310-328-1250



At the kibbutz where Gusta is buried. A sad day of remeberance and the sweetness showed its face as the cemetery is surrounded by banana fields and I felt like doing hanumanasana.

Sequence Level 2:

Lie on Belly in Prone Position

Downward Facing Dog

Uttanasana then Clasped Hands Behind Back for Shoulder Stretch uttanhandsclsp.jpg

Eka Pada Uttanasana to Lunge then Vira II

Then Interlace Hands Behind and Fold Forward img_1769.JPG

Release Clasp and Work your Head Behind Knee

Down Dog then Second Side

Anejaneasana Thigh Stretch img_1956.JPG

Plank to Belly into the Variation of Makrasana

All 4’s then onto Your Back

Bridge Pose then Eka Pada Setubhandasana – One Legged Bridge

Wind Shield Wiper Pose

Supta Padangustasana

Knees to Chest