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  • Nadhi Sodhona – Alternate Breathing
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    1. Close the right nostril with your right thumb and inhale through the left nostril. Do this to the count of four seconds.
    2. Immediately close the left nostril with your right ring finger and little finger, and at the same time remove your thumb from the right nostril, and exhale through this nostril. Do this to the count of eight seconds. This completes a half round.
    3. Inhale through the right nostril to the count of four seconds. Close the right nostril with your right thumb and exhale through the left nostril to the count of eight seconds. This completes one full round.

    Start by doing three rounds, adding one per week until you are doing seven rounds.

    Alternate nostril breathing should not be practiced if you have a cold or if your nasal passages are blocked in any way. Forced breathing through the nose may lead to complications. In pranayama it is important to follow this rule: under no circumstances should anything be forced. If you use the nostrils for breath control they must be unobstructed. If they are not, you must practice throat breathing.

Sequence of Anusara Yoga Podcast Level 1/2 Class:

Downward Facing Dog

All 4’s to Variation with Opposite Arms Extended table-top-variationthumbnail.jpg

Pigeon Prep

Down Dog to Plank to Salambasana – Locust Pose

Cobra to Down Dog

Wide Stance to Prasarita Padottanasanaimg_2371.jpg

Warrior II

Vinyasa (Plank, Chattarunga or to Belly to Cobra)

Child balaii2004shoot.jpgto Down Dog downward-facing-dogthumbnail.jpg

Triangle triw.jpgto Half Moon ac2.jpg

Uttanasana – Standing Fwd Bend utan.jpg

Malasana – Garland with a Twistpasana.jpeg

Bakasana – Crane Pose img_2319.jpg

Navasana – Boat Pose img_1963.JPGimg_1960.JPGimg_1959.JPG

Squat to Bakasana img_2319.jpg

Chattarunga or Belly

Ardha Bekasana – Thigh Stretch ardha-bhekasanathumbnail.jpg

Child balaii2004shoot.jpg

Anejane – Low Lunge lunge-with-knee-bentthumbnail.jpg

Down Dog

Sukhasana – Easy Seat for Alternate Breathing

brea_alternate.GIF (21301 bytes)

Sukhasana – Easy Seat with Twist

Baddha Konasana – Bound Angle

Meditation or Savasana