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Are you used to running yourself on empty during the holidays? (shift from:exhausted) You have your practice to refill, revive and remember all your blessings. Enjoy this mixed yoga class podcast it was specifically designed for Your to honor yourself then take care of  Your to do lists!!!!!!(to: excited)

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Mentioned in this Free Anusara Online Yoga Class Podcast (pls note this class is not for beginners and if you have a block pls keep it nearby).

  • Where I mentioned where the theme was inspired from is the class I am presently taking with the amazing Rev. Michael Beckwith from Agape revmesp07.jpg

(another note: churning comes from a teaching from Dr. Douglas Brooks another one of my great teachers. Churning comes from the stories of Shiva Nataraja)


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Anusara Yoga Level 2/3 Sequence:

Three foundation options for Pincha Mayurasana/Forearm Balance. Try 1, 2 or just do the prep its ok if you don’t get up into the pose:

Down Dog, Straight Leg Lunge, Down Dog

Lunge to Straight Leg Parsottonasana Variation parvottanasana-variationthumbnail.jpg

Plank Pose to Chatarunga Dandasana to Cobra

Parsvakonasana- Extended Side Angel w/Hands Clasped Behind Back – img_1769.JPG

into Trikonasana – Triangle

then Clasp Hand Around Back Holding Thighboundtrik.jpg

Down Dog with Twist – ddtwist.jpg

Plank to Belly to Salambasana – Clasp Hand Behind You and Lift Up

Down Dog to All 4’s

Dolphin to Dolphin Plank to Dolphin

Child’s Pose

Pinchamayurasana – Feather of the Peacock/Forearm Balance

1. Pincha Clasped Hands – Here is the foundation for the pose…


(there is an exercise which helps with engaging the legs here)

2. Pincha Blocks for tighter shoulders use 2 block. Another foundation…


3. Pincha Hands on Wall – This is good for tight Shoulders and see the pose…


Child’s Pose rest in between each one or after you do your form of the pose.

Down Dog

Pigeon Prep with a Twist

Down Dog to All 4’s into a Runner’s Lunge


then Hanumanasana – Front Splits


Uttanasana in between Each Side

Parsva Uttanasana – Side Fwd Bend

Baddha Konasana Twist – Bound Angle Twist

to Baddha Konasana- Bound Angle

Paschimottonasana – Seated Fwd Bend





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After many days of asking myself this question I realized that I wish to be a compassionate person who is loving and understanding towards others. This was a big choice for me. After a fews days of practicing this I have seen more ease with my relationships to others. If we choose to ask this first then take action we are able to be more responsible yogi’s.

In this Yoga Class Podcast :

Anusara Yoga Level 2-3 Sequence and Images of Poses:

All 4’s

Down Dog

Urdvah Hastasana – Fingers Interlaced Stretching Up

Uttanasana – Standing Fwd Bend

Lunge 406502886_4c9ff4d3b4.jpg

Vinyasa – Down Dog, Plank, Chattarunga into Cobra back to Down Dog

Vira I – Warrior One vira1.jpg



Utkatasana – Chair Pose


Crescent Pose

Vinyasa with Salambasana

Ostrich Pose img_1769.JPG


Samasthiti – Equal Pose

Adho Mukha Vrksasana – Handstand tn-4.jpgtn-1.jpgtn-2.jpg

Tadasana – Mountain Pose

Trikonasana with Bound Top Arm- Triangle Pose


Ardha Chandrasana – Half Moon Pose halfmoon.jpg


Malasana – Garland Pose



Knee Over Ankle Hip Opener (Prep for Eka Pada Galavasana)img_1922.JPGimg_1921.JPG


Eka Pada Galavasana – One Leg Name for a Sageimg_1924.JPGimg_1926.JPG

Down Dog

Anejaneasana – Low Lunge Backbend (Soft as Ghee) lunge-with-knee-bentthumbnail.jpg


Pigeon Prep pigeon-prepthumbnail.jpg
Eka Pada Bekasana – Thigh Stretchardha-bhekasanathumbnail.jpg

Setubhandasana – Bridge Pose

Urdvah Dhanurasana – Upward Facing Pose urdhva-dhanurasanathumbnail.jpg

Parvritta Balasana – Twisted Childs Poseimg_1957.JPG

Supta Padangustasana

Supta Baddha Konasana – Reclined Bound Angle

Knees to Chest




For the past week I have been paying attention to see where I can make a difference in the world we live in by paying attention to where I can be of service. Even with teaching as a service for me I seek other ways to uplift others especially when I am in public places. The other day I saw a woman in Kinko’s began a conversation that led to yoga and that night she came to class – very cool to be able to help her heal as shared with me after class that she had a loss in her family and found yoga a great way to help grieve. This reminded me that we can make a big difference for others without really knowing the imprint we leave. My teachers all have reminded me of this and today I offer this to you – each day we can see how we are part of the tapestry of life.

Your feedback, YOU and your practice make a difference in this world…. I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity to make a difference in your life.

Sally Kempton – Check out the 3 Week Breakthrough Meditation

Sally’s book on meditation is in my Amazon Store : Hillary’s Yoga Pod a must buy for anyone wanting to learn or deepen their practice.

Sequence: Level 1

All 4’s – hands and knees

Cat Cow Warmup

Down Dog

Uttanasana – Standing Fwd Bend

Urdvah Hastasana Then Interlace Fingers Crescent to the Side

Uttanasana to Anejaneasana – Lunge with Knee to Floor lunge-with-knee-bentthumbnail.jpg

Down Dog to Plank to Chattarunga to Cobra

Lunge with Twist lunge-twist-variation-side-2thumbnail.jpg




Down Dog to Plank to Salambasana to Down Dog

Vira I – Warrior One vira1.jpg

Down Dog to Vinyasa Working Updog


Plank Pose to Salambasana

Child’s Pose to All 4’s Lifting Alternate Leg and Arms

Vashistasana vashi-stg1.jpg vashi.jpg

Lunge Hip Opener – deep-lunge-on-forearmsthumbnail.jpg

Eka Pada Bhekasana – ardha-bhekasanathumbnail.jpg

On Belly Prone Position Resting Head on Hands Ben Knee Foot Over Knee

Dhanurasana 2X

Down Dog


Down Dog

Ustrasana – Camel Pose img_1928.JPGimg_1929.JPG

Setubandha – Bridge Pose

Eka Pada Setubhandhasana – One Legged Bridge Pose Lifting One Leg at a Time

Easy Supine Twist

Ardha Mastyendrasana – Half Lord of the Fishes

Baddha Konasana

One Knee to Chest then Both to Chest




Now coming up on my 11th year of practicing yoga I see that am deeply into my commitment on and more off the mat. It flows into how I interact with myself and the world around me – I feel blessed. As I look back on the 5 years in LA (from NYC) and the journey to become a teacher, a wife, a writer, a podcaster and a person it’s amazing to see that I have grown exponentially while in LA. Also, with the grace of many people who offered me a place to feel safe to reveal myself even when it was painful for me. Yes I have grown in a major ways inside and out and what was the most important for this to happen was and still is the soil in which I planted my seeds, then the nourishment that followed. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank my teachers as they have said the many things which allow me to see who I am today and at moments I get a glimpse of who I am becoming which was always inside. Yoga, as my teacher Dr. Douglas Brooks says so beautifully is Growing Yourself – how sweet and wonderful to know so we can all see that we are becoming different flowers worth picking.

Take a moment before sitting on your mat and check in to see how much you have grown and see the soil you have tended to and how it has supported you to be who you are. Also, if you are in the process of shifting and moving into a place of freedom to choose who it is you want to be let this be a practice to support, nourish and take you deeper into your beauty.

PLEASE VIEW, My story in this Vidcast or read the transcript at choice.gif

Sequence: Strong Level 2/3


Balasana – Child’s Pose

Adho Mukha Svansana – Downward Facing Dog to Runners Lunge runners-lunge.jpg

Pigeon Prep pigeon-prepthumbnail.jpg to Dog Pose to Plank Pose

Down Dog to Uttanasana – Standing Fwd Bend

Vrksasana – Tree Pose linda.JPG

Samastithi – Sameness Pose

Urdvah Hastasana to Uttanasana

Trikonasana – Triangle Pose

Vinyasa to Down Dog

Ardha Chandrasana – Half Moon into Parsvakonasana – Extended Side Angle Pose

Down Dog

Hanumanasana hanamanasana.jpg

Down Dog to Vinyasa

Ardha Chandrasana halfmoon.jpg

Ardha Chandrachapasana – Sugar Cane in the Half Moon archp1.jpgarchp2.jpgarchp3.jpg

Down Dog to Uttanasana then Clasp Hands Behind and Extend Over Head uttanhandsclsp.jpg

Bhujapidasana – Arm or Shoulder w/Pressure bujpid1.jpgbujip2.jpgbujip3.jpg

Tittibhasana – Firefly titti.jpg

Agnistambhasana – Fire Log Pose img_2005.JPGthen Twist agnitwist.jpgagnitwistprep.jpg

Dandasana – Staff

Triangamukhaipada Paschimottanasana – 1/2 Virasana and 1/2 Fwd Bend trimkpadap.jpgardhpasch2.jpg

Baddha Konasana – Bound Angle

Down Dog to Uttanasana

Sukhasana 1 minute of Ujjayi Pranayama with Jalandhara Bhanda – Neck Lock Assists More Air to Lungs

Surya Yantrasana – Sun Dial surya1.jpgsuryastg2.jpgsurya3.jpg

or you can have the leg in front for the entire sequence suryabent.jpg

Child’s Pose





After sitting nearby one of my sweet teachers Naime Jezzeny (he helped me to see both my potential and the possibilities to be the person I am today) last weekend in his workshop which focused on the Upanishads (means to sit nearby) I was inspired to share with you these teachings inspired from our teacher Dr. Douglas Brooks . When we sit among others and share, listen and realize we all have amazing potential that is in nature. Amidst this diversity you may find a moment of feeling connected to the source (potential) and through this awareness you may discover a new way to express yourself (possibilities).

I know now that I always had the potential within myself to be a yoga teacher but until it was time for me to find teachers who would show me that it was possible then I was able to connect to my own heart and could actually believe it for myself – this was huge for my growth as a person and only 5 years ago. My love for yoga took me to go deeper into Philosophy and realize that I can study seeing that I was intelligent and it was possible to enjoy learning – thanks to Douglas for his teachings open me to more possibilities than I could ever imagine within myself.

We all can relate when we find gifts that are within that come out on the mat, in conversation, at work or in relationships. Tap into your potential that you were born with and see what your possibilities are and if you look to those who believe in you then let them show you the possibility of becoming more of who you are.

The Mala’s: On this great site that one of my friends Jessica Jennings created you can scroll down to the following words – And the next three, from which come the 3 A’s, are: then you will see how the Mala’s play out in Anusara Yoga.

Anava-mala located in the heart

Karma-mala located in the pelvis

Mayiya-mala located in the 3rd eye

many, many, many thanks for the listing of my podcasts Yoga Everyday

Sequence: Level 2/3


Urdvah Hastasana then interlace fingers and stretch palms up to Samastithi

Uttansana – Standing Fwd Bend to Straight Leg Lunge

Down Dog w/Twist ddtwist.jpg

Vinyasa – Plank, Chatarunga Dandasana , Bhujangasana (cobra)

Lunge Hip Opener Chest to Floor (if possible today) deep-lunge-on-forearmsthumbnail.jpg

Vinyasa to Uttanasana

Vira II – Warrior Pose then interlace fingers and fold fwd img_1769.JPG


Trikonasana – Triangle Pose

Down Dog to Vasistasana – Side Plank vashi.jpg
Childs Pose

2X Adhho Mukha Vrksasana – Handstand REST then try Variation hstdekapada.jpg or try this hstdpike.jpg

Vrksasana – Tree Pose

Urdvah Hastasana then do *Vinyasa with Leg Lifted


*option for plank with knee down plnkknekapad.jpg

Crescent/Vira I – Warrior 1 back Heel Lifted into Vira III – Warrior 3

Down Dog


Malasana – Garland Pose

Standing Hold Knee to Chest Prep for Padangustasana then Extent Leg Fwd

Malasana taking it into Pasasana Variation – Ganapati’s Noose

Uttanasana to Plank

Ardha Bhekasana – Thigh Stretch ardha-bhekasanathumbnail.jpg

Dhanurasana 2X – Bow Pose 1dhanurasanaprep.jpg dhanurasanathumbnail.jpg

Anjaneasana 2X – Low Lunge Backbend lunge-with-knee-bentthumbnail.jpg

Down Dog

Pigeon Prep pigeon-prepthumbnail.jpg then Twist img_1793.JPG

Balasana – Child’s Pose

Knee to Chest then Both Knees into Chest







This week was sizzlin’ hot in LA (even though its still spring) and in this crazy heat I was doing some spring cleaning creating more space in my closet and filing papers. As I was putting order to my stuff and cleaning out my clothes there were two pair of pants I decided to make capri’s to teach in (the heat drove me to do it). While in the process of cutting the pants, I rediscovered my love for altering my clothing and that it is ok to love clothes again (something I pulse in and out of).

Little did I know that Mala my puppy was going to get some new digs out of my creative moment (my being resourceful)… yes I did make two shirts for her and she looked quite cute in her pima cotton 80’s sweat shirts… don’t ya think?


What I love about the yoga is it’s everywhere always taking us deeper into what we value and if we tune into the flow of our heart we can find the joy that resides inside and have an even brighter more beautiful expression. Being creative, resourceful and finding what I value allowed me to do yoga without even rolling out my mat totally cool- all in all enjoying the lila tandava (the dance of play). Find how you can do what you love and tap into something more within to see what you have already and begin to use your resources to empower yourself and enjoy your gifts on and off your mat.

250px-serratus_anterior.png This is the Serratus Anterior muscle that I mention to extend from when in Down Dog

Sanskrit: Sri: Beauty Mudhya: Middle Vikrukti: Crooked or Assymetrical Ganesh: Elephant God and Son of Siva

  • For cool tunes to listen to trip hop and not lots of chatting check out Daves’s Lounge

Sequence: Level 2/3

All 4’s Hands and Knees

Down Dog – Bend Elbows to Side 3x and Bend Knees Taking Top of Thighs Back 3X

Uttanasana – Standing Fwd Bend – Look Fwd 5x

Urdvah Hastasana to Uttanasana Lifting One Leg to Eka Pada Uttanasana

Plank, Chattarunga Dandasana, to Bhujangasana – Cobra to Down Dog

Uttanasana to Urdvah Hastasana

Standing on One Leg Holding Your Shin

Uttanasana to Crescent Pose to Vinyasa

Down Dog to Eka Hasta to Eka Pada

Uttanasana – Hold Calves with Bent Legs Opens Hamstrings

Samasthiti to Uttanasana to Vira I vira1.jpg

Vinyasa to Second Side Down Dog Working Towards Handstand Prep tn-1.jpg

L-Pose img_1951.JPGimg_1952.JPGimg_1953.JPG

Handstand tn-4.jpgtn-1.jpgtn-2.jpg

Samasthiti to Vrksasana – Tree Pose to Samasthiti to Urdvah Hastasana

Trikonasana – Triangle Pose

Ardha Chandrasana – Half Moon

Parvritta Ardha Chandrasana – Twisted Half Moon revolvedac.jpg Open Back into Ardha Chandrasana to Trikonasana


Virasana – Hero Pose virasana.jpgvirasana-wblanket.jpg

to Supta Virasana – Reclining Back

Down Dog

Lunge Hip Opener Knee Down or Up deep-lunge-on-forearmsthumbnail.jpg

Anejaneasana lunge-with-knee-bentthumbnail.jpg to Monkey Lunge Hands Come to the Floor

Ustrasana – Camel Pose img_1928.JPGimg_1929.JPG

Setubhanda Sarvangasana- Bridge Pose to Eka Pada Setubhandasana

Urdvah Dhanurasana 2X – Upward Facing Bow urdhva-dhanurasanathumbnail.jpg

Easy Supine Twist

Supta Padangustasana

Knees to Chest

Savasana – Corpse Pose



Taking our seat is sacred and pivotal to set one’s intention while staying in our expanded heart. Asana, means posture as well as the posture of your heart (hrdyam). How we interact with ourselves and others is yoga while you read these next questions go into your heartspace and check in to see how are you aligning and keeping connection to the bigger heart that holds all of us. Please allow yourself to see how you keep connected to your heart (and disconnect) throughout your day while you interact with your life in every way – this is a great practice to learn how you align with yourself, others and the world.


Focal Point: Where energy is gathered, moves into and moves out of in every pose. There are 3 focal points: the upper palette, bottom of the heart, core of the pelvis. Each point is the metaphor for the heart as the focal point changes in each pose.

Sequence : All Levels

Sukasana – Easy Pose to All 4’s then Downward Facing Dog

Down Dog Splits Lifting One Leg at a Time

Uttanasana – Standing fwd Bend

Then Take a Wider Stance with Hands Clasped Extended Over Your Head- Shoulder Opener

Tadasana – Mountain Pose

Urdvah Hastasana

Uttanasana – Extending fwd 4 times

Plank Pose – to Chattarunga – to Bhujangasana – Cobra Pose then Down Dog

Uttanasana to Urvah Hastasana

Surya Namaskar

Straight Leg Lunge to Crescent or Vira 1 – Warrior 1

Parvritta Parsvakonasana Variation with knee to floor with twist – Lift Leg Up if Possible pavrita-parsvakonasanathumbnail.jpg

Surya Namaskar

Down Dog to Straight Leg Lunge

From the Lunge Straighten to Parsvottanasna Variation parvottanasana-variationthumbnail.jpgand Bend 3X

Surya Namaskar

Down Dog

Pigeon Prep pigeon-prepthumbnail.jpg to Thigh Stretch

Down Dog

Vashistasana – vashi.jpgSide Plank Pose

Down Dog to Plank to Sphinx Pose

Salambasana Pose Variation 2x


Down Dog the hold ankle, calf or thigh for twist


Supta Padangustasana

Meditation or Savasana


Special thanks to Elsie for Pics…

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Karma (Action) is a word some of us refer to everyday to explain a boomerang of events that happen from what we do. We may even see it when we are getting a cup of coffee/tea in the morning on the counter a “Good Karma” cup inviting up to leave a tip. I have read that most philosophical schools say that karma is action and from what we do there is a response to our choices, ramifications or reactions. But when I delved deeper, I learned about the Wheel of Karma talking about life which says that being in the body means you have more work to do that you didn’t do in the last life – I did not like this at all in some way it says that life is a punishment.

Today, I invite you to see how your life is a blessing and there is nothing to get out of but to go in and creatively step into your life, the world we want to live in by applying our intention with right action. I invite you to see that you did nothing wrong to be here but that the divine chose to be you and that you have the opportunity to enjoy being in this marvelous body.

Tantra offered me the perspective to see that we are not stuck in a yoga that is filled with dogma of what we have to do but that we choose what we do to create our life. Contemplate about life not being a set of rules to design your outcomes but that you can find your way to discover that many opportunities to change the way you are becoming even better using right action to live more fully on and off your mat.

Sanskrit: Dharma: personal duty or the architecture of what is (Buddha taught it as truth), Seva: selfless service, Biga: seed
Sequence Level 1:

Balasana – Child’s Pose

All 4’s to Cat/Cow Pose

Down Dog

Straight leg lunge to Crescent Pose Prep

Plank to Salabasana then Cobra – Bhujangasana/Upward Facing Dog

Uttanasana up to Tadasana

Uttanasna to Crescent Pose


Virabhadrasana II – Warrior II then to

Ostrich pose w/hands clasped behind back img_1769.JPG


Uttitha Parsvakonasana – Extended Side Angle

Down Dog to Uttanasana to Samasthiti

Adho Mukha Vrksasana – Handstand tn-4.jpgtn-1.jpgtn-2.jpg

Down Dog to Trikonasana


Down Dog

Virabhadrasana 1 – Warrior I to

Parvritta Parsvakonasana – Twisted Side Angel Pose

Downward Facing Dog

Pigeon Prep with Thigh Stretch

Agnistambasana – Fire Log Pose img_2005.JPG sweet elsieimg_2004.JPG (sickled foot)

Purvottanasana – Table Top Pose 2X

Wild Thing Pose – tn-3.jpg

Setubhanda – Bridge Pose or Urdvah Dhanurasana – Upward Facing Bow(pics on the way with blanket)

Sukhasana Twist – Easy Seated Pose with Twist

Janu Sirsasana – Head to Knee

Agnistambasana – Fire Log

Balasana – Childs Pose

Savasana – Corpse


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