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These past few days I have being feeling a bit down, sad and not wanting to feel these feelings while they we coming to the surface of my heart. My tendency is to ignore and not let myself feel sad which in turn denies the very gift of embodiment – diversity of experience. With being in the body there is an extraordinary opportunity to connect and feel the feelings we have so why deny oneself?

When we don’t allow the flow to happen we deny the very gift we have been given. I first heard this from one of my teachers Dr. Douglas Brooks and it woke me up to see that yes, life (every bit of it) is a gift. When we embrace and see all of our potential even with the bad feelings or circumstances then we can better align in every way and go directly to the ocean of the heart. Some yoga’s teach liberation from the body and Anusara teaches it in the body – this one gels with me.

I invite you to see all that you have experienced as a gift, your life as a gift, and that you are a gift allow each one to be a portal to greater awareness. About 11 years ago being diagnosed with MS could of been a sentence to suffer but I used the yoga to turn it around and make something good out of it deepening the value of my life.

Sanskrit: Bhakti – Devotion, Laghima – Lightness, Kalyanamitra – Spiritual Friend

My sweet teacher and friend Naime Jezzeny, who constantly reminds me how Hanuman lives within us all.


Vastus Medialis vasti.jpg Psoasimages.jpg

Sequence: Level 2/3

All 4’s to Down Dog Uttanasana with a blanket under the arches uttanablanket.jpg

Urdvah Hastasana to Uttanasana

Straight Leg Lunge with Blanket under arch blanket-lunge.jpg

Down Dog to Plank to Chattarunga or Your Belly into Cobra Pose

Crescent Pose Also Known as Vira I with back heel lifted

Down Dog to Uttanasana to Samastithi

Uttanasana with Blanket Roll uttanaroll.jpguttanathigh.jpg

Down Dog to Crescent Pose


Down Dog to Uttanasana with Blanket Under Arches uttanablanket.jpg

Parsvakonasana with Blanket Under Front Foot Arch blanket-lunge.jpg

Vinyasa to Uttanasana Blanket Roll in Hips uttanathigh.jpg

Samasthiti to Urdvah Hastasana

2X Pincha Mayurasana Prep- Feather of the Peacock/Dolphin pinch1.jpgpinch2.jpg

Balasana – Child’s Pose to Down Dog

Trikonasana with Blanket Under Arch blanket-lunge.jpg

Uttanasana with Blanket at Hips uttanaroll.jpguttanathigh.jpg

Lunge to a Twist in Lunge lunge-twist-variation-side-2thumbnail.jpg to Ardha Chandrasana


Pigeon Prep with Blanket Edge in Hip pigeonblnk.jpg

Down Dog to Eka Pada

Uttanasana to Runners Lunge runnerlungeblnk.jpg

2x Hanumanasana hanuprop.jpg


Sukhasana – Easy Seated Pose

Parvritta Sukhasana – Seated Easy Twist

Sukhasana with Fwd Bend

Meditation or Savasana


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