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Mentioned in this Free Anusara Online Yoga Class Podcast (good for beginners to advanced yogi’s):

Call me to share how you may feel alone and how your practice reminds you that you are connected to something bigger pose you want to work on that I can teach 206.984.0347 – and check out my main website.

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Anusara Yoga Class Sequence for All Levels of Yoga Students to Strengthen Upper Body and:

    Sukasana – Easy Posture

    Down Dog to Uttanasana – Standing Fwd Bend

    Urdvah Hastasana – Arms Over Heatd to Samasthiti – Pose of Alignment

    then Extend One Arm Up Other Down – Scissor Arms to Shoulder Stretch

    Uttanasna to Plank to Cobra to Down Dog

    Straight Leg Lunge to Uttanasana

    Uttanasana to Vira III Legs – Warrior III (Finger Tips on Floor)


    Vira II – Warrior II to Parsvakonasana – Extended Side Angle

    Plank to Belly

    Stage I Core Work – Salambasana Variations

    Cobra to Down Dog to Crescent Pose

    Down Dog Bring Knees to Chest

    Anjaneasana – Low Lunge lunge-with-knee-bentthumbnail.jpgto

    Parvritta Parsvakonasana – Twisted Extended Side Angle pavrita-parsvakonasanathumbnail.jpg

    Uttanasna with a Roll Under Feet – img_2152.jpguttanablanket.jpg

    Stage II Core Work: Navasana – Boat Pose


    Ardha Navasana – 1/2 Boat Pose img_1962.JPG

    2X Danurasana – Bow Pose 1dhanurasanaprep.jpgdhanurasanathumbnail.jpg

    Child’s Pose

    Stage III Core Work: On Back Legs Scissored then Crunches

    Knees To Chest

    Bridge Pose then to Urdvah Danurasana urdhva-dhanurasanathumbnail.jpg

    (or just a second bridge)

    Jathara Parvittasana

    Happy Baby happy-baby.jpg

    Savasana or Meditation




The universe expands and contracts and so do we… with this I am happy to introduce part of my expansion – Mudra Moments this is a collaboration with the amazing YoGeekElsie Escobar. Enjoy this episode as its our second episode.. for a class you can do one of the many in itunes or check out Elsie’s Class – Yoga to Uplift Your Spirits. Enjoy !


In this Free Yoga Podcast:

The many phases of the moon are reflected in our hearts. One paradox is that we actually see the moon from the reflection of the sun, here is the mudra. Even in the word ha-tha sits both the sun and moon.

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Yes, with grace I have made it to my 35th birthday and podcast and bring you the offering of this special episode which is approximately a 35 minute meditation. To signify my 35th birthday we begin with three om’s and end with five. Many days of contemplation on what I was going to share and the usual 35 sun salutations came to mind but then after connecting to my commitment to a three week breakthrough meditation practice (this is in the back of Sally’s Book) it made sense to share this with you. If you are new to meditation take a whirl and know there is no right or wrong enjoy your experience even if you just sit there and nothing seems to happen, be patient it will offer amazing fruits without your even being aware of them at first.

There are many ways to meditate and I first began using the style of the Self Realization Fellowship but then met my current teacher, Sally Kempton while in teacher training in 2002. At first when I met her I was practicing SRF technique thinking this was the only way and did not even listen to her. At the time I was not open to something new and in some way was rigid but after some time I sat with her again and totally let go and went with her guidance and am happy I did. Today I follow her technique which are beautifully explained in her book The Heart of Meditation .

This episode is dedicated to Sally as she opened me to the possibility of play within my practice of meditation.

Shakti: 1) the divine Mother, the dynamic aspect of the absolute Reality, and the creative force of the universe. 2)All-pervasive, divine spiritual energy

Acroyoga and the amazing Huck Hirsch – he is a gifted teacher who travels around the world teaching and sharing this wonderful practice.

Huck Hirsch
Residence: Los Angeles
Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY
After years of enjoying yoga on my own mat, I was so delighted by the AcroYoga vision of yoga practiced in 2s and 3s and 4s…exploring connection and trust and beauty in community makes this playful practice fun and vast and important.God created others for many reasons. AcroYoga invites us to find all of them.Born in Brooklyn. High School of Performing Arts. Amherst College. Many years working in musical theater. Performer. Director. Choreographer. Then I made a film and moved to LA, where I currently teach AcroYoga and Anusara Yoga.And I continue to write about the crazy wonderful journey of living.

Thank you for this opportunity to experiment, explore and share with you.



After sitting nearby one of my sweet teachers Naime Jezzeny (he helped me to see both my potential and the possibilities to be the person I am today) last weekend in his workshop which focused on the Upanishads (means to sit nearby) I was inspired to share with you these teachings inspired from our teacher Dr. Douglas Brooks . When we sit among others and share, listen and realize we all have amazing potential that is in nature. Amidst this diversity you may find a moment of feeling connected to the source (potential) and through this awareness you may discover a new way to express yourself (possibilities).

I know now that I always had the potential within myself to be a yoga teacher but until it was time for me to find teachers who would show me that it was possible then I was able to connect to my own heart and could actually believe it for myself – this was huge for my growth as a person and only 5 years ago. My love for yoga took me to go deeper into Philosophy and realize that I can study seeing that I was intelligent and it was possible to enjoy learning – thanks to Douglas for his teachings open me to more possibilities than I could ever imagine within myself.

We all can relate when we find gifts that are within that come out on the mat, in conversation, at work or in relationships. Tap into your potential that you were born with and see what your possibilities are and if you look to those who believe in you then let them show you the possibility of becoming more of who you are.

The Mala’s: On this great site that one of my friends Jessica Jennings created you can scroll down to the following words – And the next three, from which come the 3 A’s, are: then you will see how the Mala’s play out in Anusara Yoga.

Anava-mala located in the heart

Karma-mala located in the pelvis

Mayiya-mala located in the 3rd eye

many, many, many thanks for the listing of my podcasts Yoga Everyday

Sequence: Level 2/3


Urdvah Hastasana then interlace fingers and stretch palms up to Samastithi

Uttansana – Standing Fwd Bend to Straight Leg Lunge

Down Dog w/Twist ddtwist.jpg

Vinyasa – Plank, Chatarunga Dandasana , Bhujangasana (cobra)

Lunge Hip Opener Chest to Floor (if possible today) deep-lunge-on-forearmsthumbnail.jpg

Vinyasa to Uttanasana

Vira II – Warrior Pose then interlace fingers and fold fwd img_1769.JPG


Trikonasana – Triangle Pose

Down Dog to Vasistasana – Side Plank vashi.jpg
Childs Pose

2X Adhho Mukha Vrksasana – Handstand REST then try Variation hstdekapada.jpg or try this hstdpike.jpg

Vrksasana – Tree Pose

Urdvah Hastasana then do *Vinyasa with Leg Lifted


*option for plank with knee down plnkknekapad.jpg

Crescent/Vira I – Warrior 1 back Heel Lifted into Vira III – Warrior 3

Down Dog


Malasana – Garland Pose

Standing Hold Knee to Chest Prep for Padangustasana then Extent Leg Fwd

Malasana taking it into Pasasana Variation – Ganapati’s Noose

Uttanasana to Plank

Ardha Bhekasana – Thigh Stretch ardha-bhekasanathumbnail.jpg

Dhanurasana 2X – Bow Pose 1dhanurasanaprep.jpg dhanurasanathumbnail.jpg

Anjaneasana 2X – Low Lunge Backbend lunge-with-knee-bentthumbnail.jpg

Down Dog

Pigeon Prep pigeon-prepthumbnail.jpg then Twist img_1793.JPG

Balasana – Child’s Pose

Knee to Chest then Both Knees into Chest








One word for Sarah is Aware! Meeting her on a cold rainy day in Vancouver at my hotel she was handling a broken heater at her house over the phone I was amazed to see her doing the yoga as a vision of calm dealing with the details before we sat down for our conversation. She greeted me with a smile which brought the light to my heart in the midst of the darkness of the day. Her voice breathes honesty in this interview as she shares how she saw around her many teachers/studios and found that those who needed yoga were some of her friends, who sit all day behind computers (she found her gift as a teacher by being resourceful). This opened her up to create Yoga for Geeks offering yoga at lunch times and at conferences for geeks – she says that you can even wear jeans to class (very cool but not sure if they have stretch in them).

ahill.gif CITY YOGA CHECK IT OUT!!!! Come and play at my Workshop this Sunday:

Demystifying Arm Balances 12:30-3:30 Sun April 29th

Please check out my new vidcast where I share about how I came to teach and guide others to heal (for books I mention click on the amazon store link) choice.gif



april_07-1.png THANK YOU YOGI TIMES for the write up on pg 85 in the April ISSUE!!!!



One word for Christine is Grateful! YES, and I am to her as she was able to open my eyes to see past the rain and take in with great appreciation the view from my hotel room. We connected immediately when we met and it was so wonderful to connect to the heart of someone who shares the same feeling about life.

Her sharing of her transition from NYC to BC (Vancouver) is inspiring and a great support for anyone who may wonder what their practice can offer off the mat and she says is with clarity and warmth. Christine found her teacher in her heart within herself and now had to look inside even more than she thought which I can totally relate to in my own life as we can always delve deeper. Enjoy this part this of her journey in this conversation and remember that each of us are our own teacher.

Om Namah Sivaya Guruve – the first line to the Anusara Invocation

translation: I offer myself to Lord Shiva, the Auspicious One, who is the True Teacher within and without
store-banner.jpg please click the pic to be led to the store

I am excited to share with you – Hillary’s Yoga Practice Podcast Store in beta. Please shop, support and enjoy the practice with these fun items I chose for you. (more to come)


Note: the photo was taken in the hotel lobby by the valet and we had no time as Christine had to jet to class

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One word for Elena is – Poetic! When I was in NYC I had time to take an inspiring yoga class at Vira Yoga with friend and teacher Elena Brower. Amazing how energy is different in NY and LA, in NY on foot moving with people, LA in cars separate from others – what a different dance on the coasts. In class we moved our bodies and went deep into our breath focusing on our back body. It is crucial to listen, slow down and receive boy am I happy for that reminder.

Happy 5th Birthday to Vira Yoga which is really exciting to be part of and auspicious to share my 5th year of teaching with. Now Elena is a wife, mother, teacher and business owner together we hear how yoga helps her to listen and how she experience’s the world moving towards her.

fun note: I had my camera but the battery was dead. Yeah! for technology and camera phones thanks to Boru for taking this sweet Tree Pose @ Vira

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One word for Elsie is – Authentic! I have known Elsie for five of her 35 years on this planet. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her YEAH!!!! And I must say our connection becomes deeper all the time as we grow and share together – she is a great friend, teacher and student. Elsie is always true to herself and takes time to steep in her heart before she makes choices to take action. I love her for all of her inspiration as she is who taught me how to do a podcast (rockin yogitechy) but kept space for me to teach myself as well. Sharing yoga with her is one of my favorite things to do. Her students are lucky to have her healing heart and conscious mind to guide them in their practice.

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One word for Kira is – Generous! I had the blessed opportunity to take X-mas weekend off in Ojai with my husband and puppy at the Lavendar Inn and had a blast hangin with Kira. (thanks to Lara from Yoga Peeps who suggested I interview her..) Ojai has made an impact on Kira’s life on and off the mat. It has taken her deeper into herself, the relationship to yoga and life in a small town.

We shared stories and practiced in her sweet studio which she allowed us to do for both days – sweet huh? I also stopped in their store Bhavantu at Lulu B’s ran by the cool Catherine Nation – a fashion yogini as well and ate at her husbands cafe Iron Pan – it’s worth just a drive to chow down fantastic eats.


  • Lulu Bhanda’s – great pages inside click on Channel Yoga to see some great videos of Yoga

Sanskrit words:

Guru – teacher or weighty one Savasana – corpse pose Ashtanga – means 8 or referred to 8 limbs of yoga along with it being a style of yoga Asana – pose or posture of your heart

Photo: Kira and I in partner navasana (boat pose) in her sweet studio…

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One word for Jodi is – Dedicated! Meeting up with Jodi Guber was fun. I was able to shop her line Beyond Yoga, find cute pants (that are in the pic of us doing crescent pose but you can barely see them.. check her site for sweet goodies) and talk about Gratitude, who we are on and off the mat, and what this moment offers us. We even have an interruption from her fiance (giving us 10min warning) which brings life and reality right there in an urban yogini’s lifestyle.  * Fun note I didnt know till I saw an issue how humble of her : Jodi was one of Paper Magazines Beautiful People for 2006..

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