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Mentioned in this Free Anusara Yoga Podcast (good for beginners or advanced yogi’s):

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Listen to Elsie and me talk about yoga off the mat…


Anusara Yoga Class Sequence for All Levels of Yoga Students to Strengthen Upper Body and:

Sukasana – Easy Posture

Child’s Pose

All 4’s Hands and Knees

Down Dog to Down Dog Split aekapadadwndg.jpg

Child’s Pose to All 4’s

Lift Opposite Arm and Leg table-top-variationthumbnail.jpg

Down Dog

Plank to Belly

Salambasana Variations

On Back for Supine Chattarunga Dandasana

Down Dog

Plank to Chattarunga Push Ups

Belly to Cobra to Down Dog

Uttanasna the Clasp Hands Stretch Arms Over Head

Samasthiti – Form of Mountain Pose

Urdvah Hastasana – Arms Over Head uttanhandsclsp.jpg

Uttanasana – Standing Fwd Bend

Lunge then Twist lunge-twist-variation-side-2thumbnail.jpg

Down Dog to Plank to Chattarunga to Cobra

Back to Chattarunga then Child’s Pose

L-Pose at Wall img_2298.jpg to Warrior IIIimg_2297_lposewithblock.jpg

L-Pose with Twist – video of Elsie doing this pose…

On back Jathara Parvitasana


Happy Baby happy-baby.jpg

Child’s Pose

Meditation or Savasana



Now coming up on my 11th year of practicing yoga I see that am deeply into my commitment on and more off the mat. It flows into how I interact with myself and the world around me – I feel blessed. As I look back on the 5 years in LA (from NYC) and the journey to become a teacher, a wife, a writer, a podcaster and a person it’s amazing to see that I have grown exponentially while in LA. Also, with the grace of many people who offered me a place to feel safe to reveal myself even when it was painful for me. Yes I have grown in a major ways inside and out and what was the most important for this to happen was and still is the soil in which I planted my seeds, then the nourishment that followed. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank my teachers as they have said the many things which allow me to see who I am today and at moments I get a glimpse of who I am becoming which was always inside. Yoga, as my teacher Dr. Douglas Brooks says so beautifully is Growing Yourself – how sweet and wonderful to know so we can all see that we are becoming different flowers worth picking.

Take a moment before sitting on your mat and check in to see how much you have grown and see the soil you have tended to and how it has supported you to be who you are. Also, if you are in the process of shifting and moving into a place of freedom to choose who it is you want to be let this be a practice to support, nourish and take you deeper into your beauty.

PLEASE VIEW, My story in this Vidcast or read the transcript at choice.gif

Sequence: Strong Level 2/3


Balasana – Child’s Pose

Adho Mukha Svansana – Downward Facing Dog to Runners Lunge runners-lunge.jpg

Pigeon Prep pigeon-prepthumbnail.jpg to Dog Pose to Plank Pose

Down Dog to Uttanasana – Standing Fwd Bend

Vrksasana – Tree Pose linda.JPG

Samastithi – Sameness Pose

Urdvah Hastasana to Uttanasana

Trikonasana – Triangle Pose

Vinyasa to Down Dog

Ardha Chandrasana – Half Moon into Parsvakonasana – Extended Side Angle Pose

Down Dog

Hanumanasana hanamanasana.jpg

Down Dog to Vinyasa

Ardha Chandrasana halfmoon.jpg

Ardha Chandrachapasana – Sugar Cane in the Half Moon archp1.jpgarchp2.jpgarchp3.jpg

Down Dog to Uttanasana then Clasp Hands Behind and Extend Over Head uttanhandsclsp.jpg

Bhujapidasana – Arm or Shoulder w/Pressure bujpid1.jpgbujip2.jpgbujip3.jpg

Tittibhasana – Firefly titti.jpg

Agnistambhasana – Fire Log Pose img_2005.JPGthen Twist agnitwist.jpgagnitwistprep.jpg

Dandasana – Staff

Triangamukhaipada Paschimottanasana – 1/2 Virasana and 1/2 Fwd Bend trimkpadap.jpgardhpasch2.jpg

Baddha Konasana – Bound Angle

Down Dog to Uttanasana

Sukhasana 1 minute of Ujjayi Pranayama with Jalandhara Bhanda – Neck Lock Assists More Air to Lungs

Surya Yantrasana – Sun Dial surya1.jpgsuryastg2.jpgsurya3.jpg

or you can have the leg in front for the entire sequence suryabent.jpg

Child’s Pose





One word for Anna is…well it’s actually three words – Open to Change! A few months back Anna came to City Yoga looking for a yoga class and I suggested her to take class over at Earth’s Power Yoga after she told me she did flow yoga in NYC. Glad she took my therapeutics class and listened to her heart – now she comes about 6x a week (check City Yoga Teachers for Tony G.) finding a love for her practice as it deepens on and off her mat. One thing that I found pretty cool was that we both practiced over at Go Yoga in Brooklyn but never knew one another – I did leave NYC in 2002 so not sure if she was there yet.



One word for Sarah is Aware! Meeting her on a cold rainy day in Vancouver at my hotel she was handling a broken heater at her house over the phone I was amazed to see her doing the yoga as a vision of calm dealing with the details before we sat down for our conversation. She greeted me with a smile which brought the light to my heart in the midst of the darkness of the day. Her voice breathes honesty in this interview as she shares how she saw around her many teachers/studios and found that those who needed yoga were some of her friends, who sit all day behind computers (she found her gift as a teacher by being resourceful). This opened her up to create Yoga for Geeks offering yoga at lunch times and at conferences for geeks – she says that you can even wear jeans to class (very cool but not sure if they have stretch in them).

ahill.gif CITY YOGA CHECK IT OUT!!!! Come and play at my Workshop this Sunday:

Demystifying Arm Balances 12:30-3:30 Sun April 29th

Please check out my new vidcast where I share about how I came to teach and guide others to heal (for books I mention click on the amazon store link) choice.gif



april_07-1.png THANK YOU YOGI TIMES for the write up on pg 85 in the April ISSUE!!!!



One word for Brian is Transformation! He has been on a journey from being on the top of a car in NYC having a pure Kali moment to a return trip to LA where a friend took him to his first yoga class. He plays the edges being present in all that he does taking his words deeper into meaning and experience. His work and path have merged to bring him to a place to help others from his own personal experience – service.

I was inspired by this conversation and could of kept the interview going much longer as Brian share moe of his healing journey taking it back to the mat being able to be with himself, not in competition (with anyone including himself) and seeing that every moment is an opportunity to grow.

Please check out his work and see the many services that Brian offers through

the Enlightened Concierge ec3_02d.jpg.

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One word for Christine is Grateful! YES, and I am to her as she was able to open my eyes to see past the rain and take in with great appreciation the view from my hotel room. We connected immediately when we met and it was so wonderful to connect to the heart of someone who shares the same feeling about life.

Her sharing of her transition from NYC to BC (Vancouver) is inspiring and a great support for anyone who may wonder what their practice can offer off the mat and she says is with clarity and warmth. Christine found her teacher in her heart within herself and now had to look inside even more than she thought which I can totally relate to in my own life as we can always delve deeper. Enjoy this part this of her journey in this conversation and remember that each of us are our own teacher.

Om Namah Sivaya Guruve – the first line to the Anusara Invocation

translation: I offer myself to Lord Shiva, the Auspicious One, who is the True Teacher within and without
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Note: the photo was taken in the hotel lobby by the valet and we had no time as Christine had to jet to class

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