Greetings… Now that I have over 60 podcasts listed and over 3000 (and growing) students I felt it was ok to finally open up to the flow of receiving. Especially as I am producing Yoga DVD’s to bring Yoga to more than just you techy’s – love you and know that we have to meet our students where there are as well… TAKE ACTION & CLICK ON THE DONATE BUTTON TO THE LEFT!!!!

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As some of you are aware I have had some major shifts in my life since I was in a car accident on Mar 12 – my car totaled I walked away just perfect. I now see my value, your value and the value of our connection. My current podcast is a video and soon to be posted is my new podcast themed on Giving and Receiving – its a sweet one indeed. I thank you for your participation and all I am asking is to at least offer $1 but if you feel like offering more pls do as its much appreciated. Namaste, Hillary