“I have enjoyed Hillary’s classes at City Yoga. She is especially focused on wellness and her enthusiasm is unbounding.” September 1, 2007 – Beth Lapides

“Hillary is a wonderful yoga teacher. I take private classes with her, the classes are fun and inspiring and my body thanks me. Hillary is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend her to anyone.” April 8, 2008 – Janie Fitzgerald

“Hillary is a vortex of energy and volcano of creativity and commitment. I was inspired by Hillary’s story. I listened and was amazed as often people have no idea how powerful and wise they are. Hillary is unwaveringly passionate about sharing the gift of heath and support to people who cross her path. He story is heroic and she will inspire many. I am greatful to consider her not only a very successful client but also a friend.” January 9, 2008 – Lila Harding, Founder, Consultant, The Corporate Muse

“Hillary’s attention to detail in her yoga practice and the rigour of her postures is a valuable addition to anybody’s practice. To maximise the practice benefits (and reduce risk of injury) Hillary insists on precision. At the same time her approach is caring, warm and nurturing. I saw her get a class of middle-aged English housewives doing arm balances having never done yoga before!” September 6, 2007 – Marc Appleby

“Hillary is one of the best yoga teachers that I have ever worked with over the past eight years. She always brings great energy and a unique perspective to her yoga classes. Most importantly, she works well with the diversified abilities that can and do present themselves in her classes. Her genuine love for yoga shines through and provides a great model from which her students can benefit during their individual practices.” September 5, 2007 – Shanta Covington

“I am continually impressed and inspired by Hillary’s balance of strong business sense and compassionate yogic teaching.” September 5, 2007 – Sara LeVere, Owner, http://www.YogiChocolate.com

“Hillary is an enthusiastic, expert instructor for all levels of practice. She gives personalized attention to all her students and she is an inspiring and enlightening individual who is a pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend her classes more highly!” September 4, 2007t – Belinda Ma

“Hillary is a wonderful yoga teacher and I highly recommend taking her classes or having a private session with her. Her knowledge of alignment and yoga therapeutics is unparelleled. She has a great gift in this area, and she has a big heart. Check her out!!!” September 3, 2007 – Sharon Skok

“Hillary is gifted and inspired, and brings the best out of those she works with. Collaborating with her is a pleasure because she is indefatigable when it comes to ideas and research, and she is fearless in the face of potential setbacks. Her enthusiasm is contagious and this permeates everything she touches from her creative projects right on down to her yoga instruction.” September 3, 2007 – Martine L. Trélaün, Creative, Design + Know-How

“Hillary is my Anusara Yoga teacher at the City Yoga Studio in LA. I’ve been attending her class since Fall of 2005. Hillary is very knowledgeable about body mechanics and how to apply yoga to heal the body. I have sensitive knees, and after taking her classes, I healed a lot of my knee pain and learned about proper body alignment. Her sense of humor pervades the class, and she has the right mix of groundedness and aspiration… she has “roots” and “wings.” If you’re looking for a highly skilled yoga teacher, you can’t go wrong with Hillary. Namaste~” September 2, 2007 – Zack Hall

“Hillary took my yoga practice further than it had gone in the 8 years I had been practicing. Her approach is so grounded in love I found myself making breakthroughs in other areas of life as well and hearing her words of encouragement in my head. She’s a very fine teacher.” September 1, 2007 – Heidi Hornbacher

“Last year I asked Hillary to help me with some knee pain I was having. Through several private sessions, not only did she help me heal, but really changed my whole yoga practice. Her extensive knowledge truly makes her a great yoga teacher and an amazing therapist.” August 31, 2007 – Monica Ranes

“Hillary is a phenomenal yoga instructor, striking a rich balance between the physical and the spiritual to yield great results in her students. HIGHLY recommended.” August 31, 2007 – Tony Moody

“Hillary Rubin was one of the greatest assets to my career as a Fashion Designer in her unique and effective way of connecting me and my company to the public using her media relationships and excellent communication and taskmaster skills. Hillary knows how to motivate and inspire people in a way I have not since experienced. This added to her career in YOGA makes Hillary a force to be embraced and I look forward to working with her again soon!” August 31, 2007 – Jeffrey Grubb

“Hillary has been in the yoga community for as long as I can remember. Her classes are thoughtful and inspiring. I came to her for privates when I as having back problems, with her knowledge and guidance, my back problems are gone.” August 31, 2007 – Melanie Wachsman

“Hillary is an amazing yoga instructor. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and ways to go deeper in our practice. Hillary is my favorite yoga instructor and I am always pleased with her instruction. I feel wonderful after her classes: uplifted, content and that I got a good workout too! I highly recommend her to anyone.” August 31, 2007 – Emily Chung

“Hillary is a knowledgeable and dedicated teacher that understands the specific needs of each individual client and uses her great people skills to bring out the most from those around her.” August 31, 2007-Joe Fahs

“Hillary Rubin is a superb instructor who effectively communicates her comprehensive knowledge of yoga in a relaxed, fun, and intuitive style. Hilary’s yoga is disciplined, her classes are safe, and she is exceptionally good at diagnosing and correcting deficits in one’s practice. Hillary is above all, compassionate, perhaps because of her personal triumph over illness and adversity through yoga. Over the years, I have studied at most of the studios in the LA area and I can say without reservation that Hilary Rubin is among the region’s best teachers. She is a true inspiration for me.” August 31, 2007 – David Feinman