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The other day I found out something that I was not supposed to know and got upset. I was pissed off really taking this personally then reacted from a place of feeling lack, not being recognized or considered in this situation. This was not the best choice for me to do but then I went to my car and realized with a little space from the situation that I totally reacted and didn’t take a moment to actually turn in to myself and breathe knowing there is an abundant universe.

Taking this to my mat into my practice I could see how I move fast in a pose almost like a reaction instead of staying with my breath working through it. As the holidays come closer check to see if you are moving from your ego body or your bigger sense of the whole this is a great practice especially when in a place of discomfort. Yoga is about responding with knowledge and from a space of feeling connected to something bigger inside and out to do this in the practice we initiate the poses from the back body allowing the front to be soft and sensitive.

Sanskrit Vocabulary: Anugraha: grace Dristhi: gaze Svadhyaya: self study

Style of Yoga I teach: Anusara Yoga

Sequence: Level 1/2


Downward Facing Dog

Uttanasana – standing fwd bend

1/2 Sun Salutes = Urdvah Hastasana (arms over head) to Uttanasana extending out from pelvis then coming up

Straight Leg Lunge then a Twist with torso facing the leg (variation of parvritta parsvakonasana)

Vinyasa/Sun Salutes = Downward Facing Dog – Plank – Chatturanga Dandasana

Crescent Pose – variation with knee on floor if required

Uttanasana – standing fwd bend


Urdvah Hastasana


Vinyasa/Sun Salute

Utthita Parsvakonasana

Vinyasa/Sun Salute

Wide Stance Uttansana with hands clasped behind back or with a strap

Down Dog

Dolphin Pose : dolphinthanks julie for being the model for the pics!

Balasana – childs pose

Down Dog

Ardha Chandrasana – half moon pose

Trikonasana – triangle pose

Vashistasana: side plank vashi.JPGvashi variation variation with foot in front

note: shoulder behind wrist hips lifted

Down Dog

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana Prep – pigeon prep note: knee wider to the side than hip

Kneeling Thigh Stretch


Tadasana – mountain pose

Knee to chest standing on one leg

Purvottasana 3 X- table top pose note: hands face fwd opened a little bit index finger pointed fwd

Jathara Parivartanasana: supine twist arms in cactus positionjatha.JPG

Knees to Chest

Supta Padangustasana – lying on your back with one leg on the floor other lifted with hands behind this leg

Knees to Chest



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It is so amazing to see how yoga offers many of us a way to see the world differently off the mat. Damona and I sit and talk about her practice and how its been important for her to work in Hollywood, manage her connection to her heart all by seeing that yoga is more than stretching.

Please comment and let me know if you would be interested in an interview. Also, if there are any questions you have regarding yoga and the practice pls email me or call me.



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Or goto itunes and search for hillary’s yoga practice podcast and there the podcast will be. pls put a review in if you feel its something you would like to offer.

This is a recorded private session with Gio who I interviewed in Podcast #2. This is a Level 2 class with handstand and backbends with a nice flow. Thank you to Victoria for letting me know that she will be out of town this week and offering me a great theme for my second class.

PLS LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS, COMMENTS. Soon I will be getting a new mic to make it even better for you.

INTENTION SETTING: Take a moment to check in with yourself to appreciate your own heart and life even with the challenges that may show up for you. In the times we are challenged we tend to forget the blessings we have a good practice is to step back breathe and then remember what you are being offered as a lesson that can offer you a deeper experience of your practice on and off the mat.

Anusara Yoga – the style I am teaching and using the Universal Principles of Alignment

I mention the Psoas check it out to see how connected it is …


1. in Handstand – pls make sure your arms are straight & strong when I say heart soft this means while you keep your arms strong let the upper back move towards the floor then lift your chin off the chest. I mention this when Gio does handstand and the 3rd try he gets up.

2. I mention this muscle in the thigh stretch pls click to learn more of this hip flexor Psoas


Suhkasana – Easy posture/seat
Uttanasana – standing fwd bend
Plank pose – top of a push-up
Salabhasana – torso elevated legs down & hands clasped behind the back
Balasana – childs pose
All 4’s – hands and knees
Downdward facing dog
Straight leg lunge
Vinyasa – downdog, plank, chattarunga, cobra, downward facing dog
Urdvah Hastasana
Surya Namaskar – same as vinyasa from downward facing dog
Samastihiti – mountain pose with hands in prayer
Crescent Pose – arms extended or just keep them on your hips
Utthita Parsvakonasana – extended side angle pose (arm on middle of thigh or fingertips to floor outside front foot)
Down dog
Plank pose
Balasana – childs pose
Adho Mukha Vrksasana – Handstand @ wall (downwards facing tree is the translation)
Down Dog
Virabhadrasana II – warrior II (flow from one pose to another keeping with alignment)
Reverse Warrior
Reverse Trikonasana -rev. triangle
Trikonasana – triangle pose
Down dog
Lunge with Knee on Floor with Prayer Twist
or More Advanced Variation Parvritta (twisted)Utthita Parsvakonasana
Balasana – childs pose
Runners Lunge – keep hips over back knee and thigh verticle above floor (use a blanket if necessary) linked poses
Ekapada Rajakapotasana Prep – pigeon prep
Down Dog
Low Lunge w/ Thigh Stretch
Danurasana – bow pose 2X one feet held then ankles working thighs to the floor
Setubhandha Sarvangasana – bridge pose
Urdvah Danurasana – upward facing bow or bridge again
Suhkasana – seated then twist
Paschimottasana – seated fwd bend
Supta Padangustasana


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I have decided to have mini-interviews with students of yoga as a conversation about the practice of yoga in their life. We all participate in a conversation with the divine but are we listening & benefiting from its grace? I begin this with some simple questions but there is a moment that takes us deeper like any good conversation.

In this episode I interview my student Gio who I have been working with a little over a year before and after him being hit by 2 cars. He was a hit & run by two cars over a year ago and is walking and doing yoga – Amazing!!! He is even handstands & backbends.

We have been working together using Yoga Therapy as a way to heal his body which he talks about. The style of yoga I teach is Anusara Yoga which is a therapeutic yet energetic yoga that has a strong focus on the heart. Yoga therapy uses postures with alignment that allows the body to come back into its optimal blueprint which we all have.

If you are interested in being interviewed pls contact me and if there are any questions about yoga therapy or would like me to ask a question that you would find beneficial pls let me know.

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Greetings and welcome to my first podcast. I must take a moment to thank a few people that offered there time , support and expertise – Elsie , Angela & my husband Asaf.

If you are new to yoga or have been practicing a great resource to see postures (asanas) is B.K.S. Iyengar Light on Yoga. Worth having on your book shelf and a great way to see potential in a posture.

Here is the sequence for this class,it is a level one class running about an hour. I will be practicing with my students at a studio in LA and you (meaning its a live class recorded). There are some terms that may be new but go with it and let me know your thoughts FEEDBACK!!! please as this will take a lot of practice in every way to offer you the best service I would like to allowing me to get better every time I do create a podcast.

Please look over the sequence to see what you will be doing and become familiar with sanskrit and if you do have Light on Yoga and dont know a pose look it up.


sukasana – cross legged seat

downward facing dog

uttanasana – standing fwd bend

urdvah hastasana – standing with arms stretched above head

with fingers interlaced palms to sky – stretch to the side crescent

hands clasped behind back – shoulder opener (make sure there is a bend in elbows )

uttanasana – standing fwd bend

straight leg lunge

down dog

plank pose – note if pain in wrists pls keep shoulders behind wrists &/or knees on the floor

cobra pose – elbows bent pointing behind you

down dog

uttanasana – standing fwd bend

tadasana – mountain pose with hands in prayer (anjali mudra)

uttanasana – standing fwd bend . plank pose. cobra pose. down dog. : surya namaskar (this sequence is called sun salutaions note when I say vinyasa or surya namaskar this is what I mean)

uttanasana – standing fwd bend


surya namaskar

crescent pose – back heel lifted

downdog lie on your belly

salambasana – arms clasped behind back lift torso up off floor feet stay grounded


skiiers pose (great for lower back pain)

anjaneasana – low lunge with knee on floor to

straight leg lunge and twist towards your bent leg in front

down dog



urdvah hastasana


uttita parsvakonasana – extended side angel pose

prasarita padottonasana – legs wide ankles under wrists folded fwd

vrksasana – tree pose with a twist

down dog

eka rajakapotasana – pigeon prep pose : if tender knees pls point the foot and make sure the knee is wider than the hip

then a thigh stretch in the same base of pose

danurasana 3X – bow pose hold top of feet in the middle

down dog

anjaneasana – low lunge

down dog

ardha mastsyendrasana I – seated twist

baddha konasana – bound angel pose

lie on back knees bent, curve in back: breath work

supta padangusthasana

knees to chest – keep a curve in back as knees fall a bit away from belly

savasana – final resting pose let body relax, close eyes, lift heart and open palms to sky… surrender

soon enough my first podcast will be posted and then you all can sign up to recv the classes and interviews.

to savor any moment takes your attention and a desire to create more meaningful lives. it’ is my wish for this podcast to offer more to your life on and off the mat.

INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITY: if you are interested in talking with me about yoga for 5 minutes this would be great. the questions are how long have you practiced yoga, what brought you to yoga and what has yoga offered your life on & off the mat. if you are interested you can email me or call the number below and let me know when you are avail.
enjoy your breath, life and all the beauty in the world…..



in the meantime to see what I have been up to pls click to see my other blog …..
yoga is process, evolution and growth. here I am going through all of this to bring you my classes and thoughts.

all love,


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